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Statement of Philosophy and Values

When people in poverty were asked what it means to be poor, they said things like “It feels hopeless.” “We feel helpless.” “I feel disgraced, embarrassed and ashamed.” You see, poverty isn’t about how much money a person has, how many possessions they own or how much food is in the refrigerator. It’s a state of being; body mind and soul.

TransACT Hope takes care of the body by providing affordable housing to people experiencing economic hardship, then focuses on mending the mind and bringing life to the soul through mentorship, accountability, and the love of Christ. Participation is voluntary and the expectations are challenging, but the reward is transitioning to a mindset from “hopeless” to “hopeful,” “helpless” to “capable,” and “disgraced, embarrassed and ashamed” to “loved, forgiven, and redeemed.”

Other than providing affordable housing, TransACT Hope’s approach is not to provide material things in order to make someone’s life “easier” or “better.” Rather, we strive to teach life skills, problem solving, and critical thinking so participants can acquire healthy tools and resources for navigating life’s difficulties on their own. Our driving philosophy is to never do for someone what they can do for themselves—but we’ll help them discover just how much they actually CAN do for themselves! As we strive to live out this philosophy, TranACT Hope will always look to scripture as the final authority to guide decision-making—not personal opinions or cultural standards. And most importantly, through every interaction, TransACT Hope and all its staff and volunteers aspire to humbly, compassionately and relentlessly point everyone to the unwavering love and abundant freedom found in Jesus Christ.