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About Us

About TransAct Hope

Our mission is to offer hope to our neighbors who are committed to improving their lives by connecting them to Christ, affordable housing, and a community of caring people.

Our work

Studies have shown that the lack of affordable housing is one of the largest financial stressors. TransAct Hope owns several mobile homes, which we may provide to participants .  In addition, we pair participants with volunteers who help them set goals, take advantage of community resources, and get to know Christ.

Our goal is to help participants overcome their obstacles and move into financial and spiritual stability. At that time, they’ll transition into traditional housing.

We partner with:

  • Jobs for Life to help participants develop a good work ethic, create resumes, and learn job interviewing skills.
  • Faith & Finances to teach participants Bible-based financial management skills.
  • Area family outreach programs for training in parenting and daily living skills.
  • Other community resources as needed.

TransAct Hope is not advertised or listed as a public agency where people can apply for aid. We select people who are already committed to a growth process and have existing connections with a local church or community agency.

“[TransAct Hope] have taught us in good and bad times that their love is unconditional—something we didn’t get a lot of in our lives.”

               – Program participant

Our philosophy

Empower, not enable. That’s what we do at TransAct Hope. Our driving philosophy is that we never do for others what they can do for themselves; instead, we help them discover just how much they can do for themselves.

Yet as capable as every individual is, we believe lasting change in a person’s life is only possible when that person develops a healthy support network, a relationship with Jesus Christ, and the confidence that comes with knowing they are a unique, loved child of God.

Woven into the fabric of TransAct Hope are five core values:

We are Christ-centered.

We believe true transformation comes through the gospel. It’s our hope that all participants experience the hope that’s found in Jesus Christ.

We are process-driven.

Our commitment is to foster growth rather than to achieve specific outcomes. Success is measured by progress.

We are community-focused.

We believe change is fostered more readily within networks of healthy relationships.

We honor the dignity of each individual.

Regardless of a person’s past or present performance, we seek to foster a culture that reflects our commitment to care for and support them.

We value collaboration.

We seek to work in partnership with local organizations and churches and build upon the resources that already exist within our community.

Our faith

TransAct Hope is powered by Christians of several different denominations. Together, we strive to act as the body of Christ through our work  in the Stevens Point community.

Meet the team

Click below to view the current Board of Directors for TransAct Hope.

Meet the Board


Statement of Faith

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